Email Scanning and Ads in Google Apps

For our current and potential Google Apps clients – setting the record straight on fears surrounding email scanning, data mining, and advertising

One concern that came up in a recent new client meeting, and continues to keep rearing its head, is whether Google Apps for Work is scanning emails or tracking/mining user data for advertising purposes, and whether it contains advertising.

Rest assured that as of May 2014, Google does not scan the emails of its business and education subscribers, nor does it track their activity. Google Apps for Work and Education are also ad-free.

More details –


We believe Google Apps for Work and Education are the most easy-to-use, versatile and cost-effective office tech solution for small to medium sized businesses and educational institutions, and hope this information has put your worries at rest.

Element is an authorized Google Apps reseller, servicing organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. Contact us now for a free quote or consultation.

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