Plynn Gutman

Your Journal Companion


Use one inciting prompt each day to deepen your writing experience and heighten awareness of self and others. Start at Day 1 through 365, or use the shuffle feature for a surprise prompt. Scientific research shows that daily writing about issues important to you benefit body/mind health. And, tapping into one’s own inner wisdom through writing aids problem solving, stirs creativity and supports improvement of emotional intelligence.

The prompts in this app come from the book, Your Journal Companion: 365 Writing Prompts to Heighten Awareness of Self and Others, which offers interesting information on brain function and research associated with the benefits of journal writing, and shares easy instruction on key writing techniques – such as free writing, dialoguing and listing – that greatly expand the power and potential of the prompts when used to nurture and expand your writing practice.

The prompts and the book are useful for both beginning and experienced writers, from age 13 and up, and can be used as tools for self-discovery and enhancement of creativity.

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